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  • From 1 June 2013, is mandatory for all rental or sale (apartments, houses, stores and offices), to have a Energy Performance Certificate, so I inform you that following adaptation to this rule properties that we offer on this page, WEB, are in the process of obtaining such Certificate by their owners, according to the requirements on the energy certification of buildings set out in: (Royal Decree 235/2013, of 5 April establishing the basic procedure for the certification of the energy performance of buildings) is approved, BOE. No. 89 Saturday April 13, 2013 Section I. Page 27548 et seq ....


    Because these certificates must be issued by qualified professionals (architects, surveyors, etc..), If you are interested in any building of which we offer and if not had the Energy Certificate at the time of lease or sale, the same would be available, so you could know the rating of good, when making a decision on that property.

     What is new energy efficiency label housing?

    With the entry into force of Royal Decree 235/2013 of 5 April, which regulates the energy certification of existing single-family or premises from June 1, 2013 homes buildings.

    Section 2. Scope.

    1. This basic procedure shall apply:

    a) New buildings.

    b) Buildings or parts of existing buildings that are sold or leased to a new tenant, if not accompanied by a valid certificate.

    c) Buildings or portions of buildings in which a public authority occupies a total useful floor area over 250 m2 and are frequently visited by the public.


    2. Excluded from the scope:

    a) buildings officially protected as part of a declared or because of their special architectural or historical monuments environment .

    b ) buildings or parts of buildings used exclusively as places of worship and for religious activities .

    c) temporary buildings with a planned time of use exceeding two years.

    d ) Industrial buildings , defense and agricultural or parts thereof , in part for workshops , industrial processes , defense and non-residential agricultural .

    e) Buildings or parts of buildings insulated with a total useful floor area less than 50 m2.

    f ) Building purchased for major renovation or demolition .

    g ) Buildings or parts of existing buildings, the use of which is less than four months a year, or a year for a limited time and with an expected lower energy consumption to 25 percent of what would result from its use throughout year , provided the record declaratively responsible homeowner the .

    Expiry energy certificate: 10 years

     Advertising and housing supply:

    The mandatory energy certificate for rent or sale (apartments, houses, stores and offices) is also mandatory to indicate the energy rating in all advertisements and publications through any advertising medium that can be made of such property to apply sanctions and fines in cases which are detailed below.

    Offences and penalties:

    VERY SERIOUS VIOLATIONS fine 1001- 6000
    - Advertising the sale or rental of a property without having the certificate in force and registered
    - Falsifying certificate information
    - Act as technical certification without qualifying
    - Impersonating authorized independent agent for control of certification without the corresponding authorization
    - Reiteration, committing a serious offense if the previous three years was imposed to the offender a firm penalty for the same type of offense.

    SERIOUS VIOLATIONS fine 601 a 1000 €
    - Sell or rent a property without providing the purchaser or lessee the energy certificate registered.
    - The issuance of the certificate without following the basic procedure established.
    - Do not register the certificate with a regulatory body for energy certification of its region.
    - Showing a label that does not match the certificate registered and validated.
    - Reiteration, committing a minor offense if the previous tax year had a strong penalty for infringing the same type of offense.

    MINOR OFFENSES fine 300 - 600 €
    - Advertising the sale or rental of a property not to mention the energy rating obtained.
    - No energy certificate when renewing their validity expires.
    - To issue an energy certificate that does not include the minimum information required.
    - Do not display the label for energy efficiency in the assumptions it mandatory.
    - Showing a label that does not comply with the standard format.